Initial Visit

Patient Forms:

As soon as you enter our friendly office, you will be greeted as though you are one of the family by our warm receptionist. We will direct you to the New Patient Center where you can complete our patient forms. This valuable paperwork is essential for providing us with pertinent information regarding your health history and your present condition.


Once the paperwork portion is finished, your consultation with the Doctor of Chiropractic will begin. At this meeting, we will discuss your health issues and related concerns. Treatment options will be presented and explained.

The consultation process is vital to help our staff learn more about you and your overall health. Once we understand and determine your condition, we can discuss what your expectations are for treatment. Afterwards, we can talk to you about how chiropractic treatment can help you regain optimum levels of health.


The physical exam will take place following your consultation. This is where the doctor tests your reflexes and your flexibility. Additional tests will be performed including: postural tests, physical tests, standard neurological tests and orthopedic tests. Please understand that no testing will occur without your consent. Our staff will explain everything as the test proceeds.

X-Ray Studies:

Depending on what condition you present with, we may recommend taking X-rays. These tests provide us with a clear picture and can help us implement an effective treatment plan. This process can showcase any potential spinal issues. Many patients are completely shocked to see their X-ray results first hand. At times, patients are able to see their misalignments and degeneration by themselves.

Report of Findings:

Once all of your personal information has been taken into consideration and exams are finished, the chiropractor will offer you a detailed report of all the medical findings. Any questions or concerns you may have at this time will additionally be discussed. For example, you will know:

A) How often do I need treatment?
B) Can chiropractic care help me and my situation?
C) What is the cost of treatment?

The chiropractic doctor will be able to make specific recommendations after thoroughly examining your spine and inspecting your X-rays. Your treatment goals will be discussed alongside your health history. If your condition would benefit from other health care providers including Massage Therapy, you will be notified. The caring professionals at Arctic Chiropractic will clearly define a health and wellness schedule to suit your individual health requirements.


By the end of your initial consultation appointment, you will have the option of having your first chiropractic treatment. This appointment may include: spinal adjustments, physical therapy and potentially soft tissue massage. The entire treatment process is completely interactive. You may voice your opinion at any time regarding discomfort or concerns. Our therapists rely on your feedback during your appointment to ensure you are safe and comfortable all the time.

Wellness Program

Once you are preparing to leave the clinic, the doctor will discuss a wellness program that you can implement at home or possibly at work. This may include applying ice or heat during certain times of the day, activities and certain positions to avoid while the healing process is occurring and exercises or stretches to do.

If you prefer a bit more guidance, our wellness team will be happy to work closely beside you to help you facilitate healthy habits and new lifestyle routines. No two people are the same; therefore, everyone requires a unique wellness plan. We want to ensure that you are able to attain and maintain a positive mental state while being active and healthy in terms of diet and exercise while you are on your way to attaining great spinal alignment.