Nutritional Counseling

The staff at Arctic Chiropractic is happy to offer you a structured nutritional program that is appropriate for your specific needs. We have numerous health food recommendations to discuss and offer a variety of nutritional supplements to further enhance our patient's healing. If you are curious to which minerals and vitamins may aid in your recovery, we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling is a special kind of assessment that analyzes certain health requirements in regard to diet and exercise routines. A qualified nutritional counselor is a great asset as part of your healthcare team. You can work together to determine healthier eating habits and related health goals. You can learn about goal setting and how to maintain these goals throughout your life.

A dietary assessment is a personal way to make arrangements to improve your health. It can be essential for those who are dealing with certain disorders including: Celiac Disease, Diabetes, Hypoglycaemia etc. The counselor will make certain dietary recommendations based on the patient's status to help them feel better.

There are numerous benefits of nutritional counselling such as:

A Healthier Lifestyle

Nutrition is a vital component to a healthy lifestyle. If your diet is lacking in proper nutrition, you will not produce enough energy to last throughout the day. Without proper nutrition, your health can drastically depreciate. Not living at an optimum level of health can make you more susceptible to illness or disease.

A variety of illnesses are caused by adopting an unhealthy diet. There are dangerous trans-fats present in many processed foods and extra calories and fat that contributes to obesity. Consuming more raw and natural foods is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many places such as fitness centers and health clinics offer nutritional counselling.

Getting Fit More Quickly

There are a variety of nutritional counselors who highly recommend combining fitness programs with nutritional supplements. You can save a lot of time and money by consulting a nutritional counselor in comparison to testing out products and fitness routines by yourself. Nutritional counseling can offer you insight on how to best adapt your individual and personal lifestyle requirements.

Delicious and Nutritious Foods

Thankfully, choosing highly nutritious foods also means choosing tasty foods. You do not have to limit yourself to plain chicken breasts and cottage cheese for the rest of your meals; salmon, natural peanut butter, eggs, veggies, brown rice prepared with herbs and all kinds of fruits are excellent sources of delicious nutrition.

Nutritional Counseling Goes Deep

Nutritional counseling is aimed to getting to the root cause of your health issues. Simply treating the symptoms and not addressing the underlying cause will only leave you up against potentially facing the same problem down the road.

By working with your counselor, you will be able to feel your energy levels increase while your stress levels diminish. Within a short amount of time, you will begin feeling better. After you have discovered how to control your weight, you will benefit from an improved mood, along with better concentration and memory. Healthy nutrition feeds both your mind and your body. You will suffer from fewer colds or infections due to your strengthened immunity.

Additional Benefits

Educating yourself about the importance of good nutrition and practicing proper eating habits can help you overcome a variety of conditions such as: mood swings, weight issues, migraines, fatigue/tiredness, menopause, arthritis, digestive troubles, headaches and high blood pressure.

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